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UNISON calls for a collective struggle against austerity “Strengthening workers’ rights and employment through collective bargaining, social dialogue and industrial action” as a key priority. Each of our 1.3 million national members has their own reasons for joining UNISON. But every one receives UNISON help and support.

Locally, we support over 4,000 local members at Sefton UNISON. We campaign for you and we campaign for all those that suffer unjust pay or conditions. Together we act collectively, negotiate collectively and support each other collectively. Together we are stronger.

As part of Sefton UNISON, what do you get?

You Earn More. Year on year, UNISON wins pay rises for its members. Average earnings are around 8% higher in unionised workplaces.

You get more holidays. UNISON has won increased leave for many members. The average union member in the UK gets 25% more holiday than those not in a union.

You’re more likely to get equal pay. UNISON is campaigning to bring women’s pay into line with men’s. Workplaces with union recognition are 20 per cent more likely to have an equal opportunities policy.

You get more maternity leave or parental leave. If you belong to UNISON, your employer is more likely to have parental leave policies which are more generous that the statutory minimum. We understand the needs of workers with a newborn in the family!

You get more and better training. UNISON provides courses to help you learn new skills, improve existing ones and develop your career. Since 1994 UNISON has won agreements with employers to pay for courses & provide time off for employees to attend them.

You’re less likely to be injured at work. UNISON Health & Safety stewards are trained to minimise the risk of workplace injuries & ensure that employers meet their legal obligations.

If you do get injured at work, you’ll get better compensation. UNISON wins millions in legal compensation for people who are injured or become ill through work-related incidents or chemical exposure.

You’re less likely to be sacked.
Trade Union members are only half as likely to be sacked as non-members.

You’re less likely to be discriminated against. We campaign for tougher laws to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, disability or sexual orientation. Minority trade unionists earn 32% more than non-unionised colleagues.

Support our campaigns for world class public services. UNISON campaigns against privatisation. We also seek equivalent pay and employment rights for all our members working in the private and voluntary sectors supporting public services.

…and there’s more!
Speak to us no matter what support you need and we’ll point you in the right direction to get the benefits you deserve from your Sefton UNISON Membership.

Advice, support and help when you need it at work

We have a network of trained local advisors and negotiators who will provide you with help at work when you need it most, as well as professional legal advisors and experts when appropriate.

Legal services for you at work and your family at home

Our legal support includes free help with most work problems that you may have. This can either be from our specialist in-house lawyers and a team of trade union solicitors that are on hand to help, or by local union reps, branches and officers in the UK. But our help doesn’t just stop when you leave work. We offer free initial legal advice on any matter not related to work, plus a range of other legal help for you and your family. To be eligible for our legal assistance scheme you must have been a member for at least four weeks prior to the incident that led you to seek this help. You must also be up to date with your subscriptions. Legal help is provided at the discretion of the union’s national executive council. Find out more.

Financial assistance and debt advice in times of need

We’re here for you when you need us most. Our confidential service (and registered charity) There for You, is your safety net when times get tough. We can help with sorting out finances and advise on benefits. We offer grants to help with household bills, ease debts or help with the cost of a much needed break. To be eligible for our financial assistance scheme you must have been a member for at least four weeks prior to the incident that led you to seek this help

Helpline open until midnight

In these uncertain times it’s easy to lose sleep over job security. But don’t lie awake worrying, our helpline is open from 6am to midnight Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays closed on Sunday. Your call will be dealt with by a professional who will ensure that the person who can best help will ring you back at a time that is convenient for you.

Compensation for accidents and injuries at work

If the unexpected happens you can count on our support. If you have an accident or are injured at work our specialist lawyers are there to help when appropriate. You are covered for things like assault, accidents, industrial diseases and accidents on your way to or from work. Our experts have got you covered and will do their best to get compensation for you.

Member discounts – including up to 50% off holidays

Join today and you’ll have access to a wide range of exclusive member discounts and offers which could save you up to £250 – more than the cost of your membership. Savings on holidays through the UNISON travel club, plus discounts on home, car, pet and travel insurance, dental and health plans, cashback on mortgages all add up to a great deal for UNISON members.

Education, training and support

Whatever work you do, we are here to help you learn more – whether you are facing change at work, want to develop your career or want to learn something new for your own benefit. UNISON offers a range of courses and short workshops that are free to members, so whether it’s brushing up on computer skills, professional development or finding out more about the union, learning through UNISON can help you develop your confidence, skills and knowledge.


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