Sports Direct must change their ways

Sports Direct are the poster boys of the modern workplace – although not in the way they’d like. As I wrote only a few weeks ago:

“Sports Direct is not a good place to work – quite the opposite – with the employer becoming a watchword for the poor working conditions and dodgy employment practices many face in austerity Britain.

Worst of all, working at Sports Direct can be dangerous. Sports Direct’s warehouse staff are three times as likely to be injured at work as those working in agriculture, one of the least-safe sectors for workers.”

I was proud that as a member of the Trade Union Share Owners group, UNISON was able to play a role in holding Sports Direct to account, by pushing them to allow independent investigation of their working practices.

And I’m very proud that this week shareholder support for resolution 19, tabled by TUSO and Islington Council, was the highest on record for an employment-related resolution in the UK – with the backing of 53% of independent shareholders.

Unfortunately – as Sports Direct is mostly owned by Mike Ashley – the resolution will not pass. But this is an important moment in the struggle for decent working conditions in Britain. I hope that Sports Direct will take this as an opportunity to think again, and change their ways.

The article Sports Direct must change their ways first appeared on the UNISON National site.

Published on: September 9, 2016