Young People Against The Cuts! 20th Oct.

Young People Against The Cuts! 20th Oct. Sefton UNISON has again managed to get a massive response to the call to support the March and Rally in London on 20th October 'For a Future That Works'.

Sporting the new 'anoraks' with Sefton UNISON logo on are 2 young people from Sefton, Alejandra and Blaire, who are disgusted at this Coalition Government's attack on the most vulnerable and abandoning of young people. Alejandra said how she feels 'nobody in government knows what it is like to be young and they just don't care. I hope to be Prime Minister one day and will put basic fairness at the heart of everything'.
 Blaire, who has actively campaigned for Hope Not Hate said 'The millionaires in power do not use the services they are destroying - ordinary people suffering coz of people with extraordinary wealth'.

We are extremely proud of our young people in Sefton - Alejandra and Blaire are our role models.

That is why hundreds from Sefton will join thousands from across the UK who will be marching on 20th October - for Jobs, for fairness and for the future. Watch the UNISON commissioned video about the Pay Freeze and Austerity by clicking HERE

Published on: October 12, 2012