September NOT September!!

September NOT September!! 'Day Services & Respite decommission most centres - close by September 2013 to achieve target savings'
Now when I read that it suggests, nay states unequivocally, that closures will have ended by September?
How strange that I have been accused of making this up. This quote is from the PowerPoint presentation given to the unions by SND on 19/3/13 slide 8 page 4
How strange that they have now produced another version in which September does not appear!!!
I have hard copies of this presentation for anyone to see and also know our Members know who is telling the truth.
In the meantime to see the truth click HERE
The campaign continues with thousands already having signed the petition. Please come join us in Crosby on Saturday 27th April 11-1 to get more signing the petition.
Published on: April 25, 2013