On the Buses!

On the Buses! As part of the NW Region recruitment week - Sefton UNISON activists, Officers, and Stewards got on the bus and went round the Borough raising the profile of our union, answering queries, recruiting and getting organised - all this and we gave out mince pies, lollipops, cakes and application forms. Members' issues were listened to and advice given - Members were then asked to recruit a friend to make our influence even greater within the Council. Sefton UNISON will now do regular events at your workplace - advice sessions, recruitment stalls, campaign meetings as well as the usual individual representation and workplace meetings. Never seen a UNISON 'person'? Call us now (0151 928 9911) to your workplace for a workplace meeting! 

At a time when the Council is leaving no stone left unturned in terms of making cuts, it is bizarre that staff would choose not to be in a union. You cannot join any union once you get into trouble! Just as you cannot insure your house after it is burned down, it is the same with all unions in the Council. We will be coming to your office soon, with or without mince pies - help us to make our voice even louder and become a UNISON Member - become and activist, become a Steward, or stand for election and secondment against one of the Branch Officers.

Recruitment to an organising union means we aim to have a strong presence in every workplace - never been asked to be in a union? I am now asking you to join us - call 0151 928 9911 and join, join on-line via the front page of this website, or email us via the contact us page and join. At a time when all jobs are under some form of attack, you cannot be isolated - please consider joining UNISON - the largest and most active union in Sefton.

Glen Williams - Branch Secretary
Published on: November 29, 2012